The 2022 Interdanses Jury

Discover the jury which will award the prices of the 22nd edition of Interdance dance competition. This year, the jury will be chaired by Jacqueline Plan.


Jacqueline Plan

Jury Chair & Jazz Jury
médaillion Antonino

Antonino Grasso

Classic Jury
visuels portraits JURYS

Claude Aymon

Modern Jury

Jacqueline Plan

Jazz Jury, Chair of the 2022 jury

Director of the Dance Workshop and her Dance Company, Professor of Modern and Jazz Dance, Choreographer and Director, Artistic Advisor of Europe en Scènes, jury of various international competitions and Chair of the jury of the Interdance competition.

In 1977, she went to dance and live in the USA and Canada where she passed auditions to intervene in various shows and work with Frank Hatchett, Cécilia Marta, Ruy Horta, José Meier and with the Montreal jazz ballets. Back in Marseille, she founded her dance company in 1983; for 3 years, she accompanied a theatre company and operetta singers to weekly shows at the Nau Theatre in Marseille (Spectacle Music hall parade, Feasts of Cocures, Festival 84, Uncle Jules, Operetta cocktail varieties). Her company won several times the 1st prize in various dance competitions.

As a choreographer, she won the first prize for choreography at the 1st student competition Aix Marseille at the Palais des Sports in Marseille and won several times the grand prize of the jury for her choreography. Her talents as a choreographer are used to create a show on the theme of the Armenian genocide, she created in 2007 “L’Abîme”, a 90-square-day show performed by her company and produced in various theatres in the region. In 2015 for the centenary of the Armenian genocide, he was asked to create a 60-square-day show “1915 the Abîme”, danced by her company accompanied by professional musicians and produced on the Old Port in Marseille and in various theatres in France.

Since its inception, she and her company have been called upon for a wide variety of shows:

  • Show for the 8th gathering of social institutions in the presence of Mr Gaston Deferre in Meyrargues (1984)
  • Show for the premiere of the film “La Rumba” by Roger Hanin in the presence of the actors at Phocea Marseille (1987)
  • Show under the artistic direction of M.A Senequier of the Marseille Opera (1984)
  • Show for Franco-Russian Association in Port de Bouc (1984)
  • Show for the World Hairdressing Festival at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes (1984)
  • Night of the Arts at the Concorde Prado in Marseille (1984)
  • Marseille Union of the 3rd age Mazenod Hall , at the MPT Kléber, at The AIL Endoume in Marseille and at Septèmes (1985)
  • Group of Provence public relations at the Château des Fleurs in Marseille (1985)
  • Front-wheel drive club at the “Manon des sources” in Aubagne (1985)

Thanks to her producer since 1984, her company performed under the name Galaxie in cabaret and music hall in discos:

  • “Fashion Show” at Rock’N Roll in Marseille (1984)
  • Cabaret Shows at “Blue Gold” Les Sablettes (1985)
  • Spectacles at the “Villa Mon Rêve” Marseille (1985)
  • Cabaret Shows at “Club 88” Puyricard (1985)
  • Spectacles “Club privilege” Marseille (1985)
  • “Club le phocéa” Marseille (1986)

Then attracted by modern dance, she composes creations on different themes:

  • Show for deportees to The AIL insanism Marseille and Istres (1985-1986)
  • Show for the Marseille Union of the 3rd Age Mazenod Hall and Théâtre du Moulin in Marseille (1985-1986)
  • Show for the Young Executive Club for the Jewish Community of Marseille (1986)
  • Show Théâtre du Moulin Marseille (1986)
  • Chateauvallon Show (1986-1987)
  • Show La Criée Marseille (1985- 1986- 1988- 1989- 1990)
  • Franco-German Meetings Pont à Monson (1986)
  • Spectacle Port Grimaud (1989)
  • Spectacle Espace Julien Marseille (1989)
  • Spectacles Théâtre du Gyptis Marseille (1989,1995)
  • Show Theatre Municipal Aix in Provence (1989)
  • Show Theatre of the Column in Miramas (1991)
  • Spectacle Salle du Bois de l’Aune Aix en Provence (1991)
  • Spectacle Théâtre de l’Odeon Marseille (1994)
  • Creations Théâtre toursky Marseille (1983 to 2019 )
  • Spectacles at the Faculty of Science and Technology St Jérôme Marseille (1989-1993)
  • Spectacles at the Faculty of Medicine La Timone Marseille (1989 to 1993)
  • Creations Théâtre Toursky Marseille (1983 to 2019)

Her services are used to create modern’jazz shows for a wide variety of occasions:

  • Show for RTM Marseille (1986)
  • Show at the Tennis Club l’Arbois in Callas (1986)
  • Show for the inauguration of the Sports Hall at the Faculty of Science and Technology of St Jerôme in Marseille (1994)
  • Show with Luminy’s brass band at the University of Sports Marseille
  • Show Marseille Spring Fair (1986)
  • Show Mas Provençal Gignac (1986)
  • Flag show of Lake Park Borely Marseille (1987)
  • Show Château des Fleurs Marseille (1986)
  • Show Union musical and sports Estaque Marseille (1986)
  • Show Palais des sports Marseille
  • Show for student night at the Hippodrome de Pont de Vivaux Marseille (1993)
  • ASPTT Marseille Show (1991)

Concerned about the happiness of every human being, she turns to humanitarianism by performing with her company in hospitals and nursing homes to help people with Alzeimer, for the telethon, the little brothers of the poor, the homeless, children of the world with childhood and sharing, and the international fifty one (association of children’s rights, peace and human solidarity). She also works for many years in a school in a sensitive area in order to introduce underprivileged children to dance. She choreographs the pink October flash mob of the League Against Breast Cancer and her company dances every year in Blue March for the fight against colon cancer.

Passionate about teaching, she was Professor of internships for the French Dance Federation in 1992 with Dora Feïlane at Espace Julien in Marseille and then Professor at the Centre for training of dance teachers in Aix en Provence, the University of Provence and School of Engineers for the U.S. V sport.

Antonino Grasso

Classic Jury

Antonino is a dancer, singer and actor.

At the age of 10 he started to practice Latin dance, a few years later he turned to contemporary dance. In 2013 he leaves home to become a professional dancer at the “Gardaland resort” in a theme park in Ronchi, Italy.

A year later he became a dancer for Italian television in the dance show “la pista”.

Following this in 2014 he dances for the German cruise company “TUI CRUISES ENTERTAINMENT / MEIN SCHIFF”, this is for him the beginning of the travels.

The following year he will have many projects with the “KORPER COMPANY” such as “CUBITA”, “2 AGOSTO” and many others with choreographers from around the world.

He then went on to work with Peppe Barra’s “LA CANTATA DEI PASTORI” in Catania.

After his experiences, he obtains a contract with Disneyland Paris for the show ” MICKEY AND THE MAGICIAN ” and this for 6 months. He will then obtain in 2018 a second contract for the show “PIRATES & PRINCESSES”.

He continues his Parisian experience in the musical ” WE WILL

ROCK YOU” directed by Ned Grujic, choreography by Raffaele Lucania at the Casino de Paris.

In 2019 he integrates Disneyland Paris again with two new shows, “THE LION KING” and “#SURPRISE MICKEY”.

He then leaves again and travels to Saudi Arabia in 2020 where he will dance for Balich Worldwide Shows “LILA, THE LAND OF IMAGINATION” at King Fahd Stadium Riyadh.

This year, he collaborated again with Disneyland Paris but this time in Dubai for “EXPO DUBAI 2020”.


Claude Aymon

Modern Jury

Claude is a dancer, choreographer and artistic director.

Artist from Marseille, he evolves in the choreographic field after having followed a multidisciplinary training in classical, contemporary and jazz dances.

He teaches, dances and choreographs in France and abroad, wherever it is possible, from the associative to the professional environment.

Jury for international competitions;

Jury for the technical, musical and pedagogical tests of the State Diploma of Dance Teacher in jazz and contemporary dance;

Representative of the juries in the commission of the Judges of the French Federation of Dance (F.F.D);


Interpreter for :

– Josette Baïz (Compagnie de la Place Blanche, Compagnie Grenade)

– Geneviève Sorin (MEAARI company)

– the MarjanRaar DanceCO (Finland)

– Dancecology (Taiwan)

– Weidancecompany (Taiwan)


Choreographer and artistic director of the c2a company since 1998.

He composes the music for his creations.

Since 2011, his artistic activities are developed between France and Asia, especially in Taiwan where he was the winner of the International Young Choreographer Project in Kaohsiung organized by the World Dance Alliance – UNESCO.