About us

Europe en Scenes: Organizer of Interdanses

Our goals

Interdanses have a dual purpose:

  • The meeting of students of Dance Schools in a spirit of emulation, exchanges and conviviality around the same common denominator: the pleasure of dancing
  • Foster the emergence of new talents

This event has existed since 1999 and therefore enters its 22nd edition. It is open only to amateurs and pre-professionals. In 2019, more than 800 dancers, 250 groups of 6 to 30 years old and over, and 40 cities participated in the event. The Jury is made up of recognized professionals of the discipline. Everyone can find something for them, the students and their teacher, but also an enthusiastic audience of over 1500 people who came to support the participants.

Registered Travel Operator

The team of Europe in Scenes also dmanages the association CHORAL EVENTS. CHORAL EVENT is registered Atout France register (Government organism) as a tour operator. This registration assures a certain level of professionalism of our agency and protects our clients. Therefore, we aso benefit from financial guarantee and security. Thanks to CHORAL EVENTS,  you benefit from the services of a travel agency to organize your stay during Interdanses.

If you wish to know more about Interdanses, please get in touch with us!


A team of enthusiasts, and many volunteers to offer you the best welcome

The management team

Support progs Publisher (252 x 252 px)





Guillaume EME

International Relations Manager

Direction artistique

Luc COADOU – Conseiller Artistique Chant et musique
Jean Luc BONNET – Conseiller Artistique chant et musique
Janine PIOCH – Conseiller artistique chant
Jacqueline PLAN – Conseiller artistique danse


Danielle CHASSY – Encadrement manifestations et tournées
Thierry PELLETIER – Encadrement manifestations et tournées
Franck ROMAN – Encadrement manifestations et Tournées
Renée ILLNER – Encadrement manifestations et Tournées
Sirah et Roger PUJOL – Encadrement manifestations et Tournées
Christian Allys – Encadrement manifestations et Tournées
Madalina SPATARU – Bénévole et chef de Chœur
Jacky SOMA – Représentant communes

Stéphanie EME – Encadrement manifestations et Tournées

Administration des Festivals

Jackie et Robert BUTTARO – chargés des relations avec l’Italie

Correspondants à l’étranger

Gaétane VINCENT – correspondant pour le Canada
Gote GUSTAVSON – correspondant pour la Suède
Silvio CORTES – correspondant pour le Portugal
Bruno DI LENA – correspondant pour le Festival de Vasto
Daniele DORI – correspondant pour le Festival de Florence
Helena SPUDILOVA – correspondant pour la République Tchèque
Tingting CHEN– correspondant pour la Chine

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